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ITA Airways aim to create an efficient and innovative service that places its customers at the centre of everything it does.

Their pledge to provide a personal, best-in-class experience through digital innovations, combined with their commitment to sustainability – including the use of new, greener aircraft -underpins their sky-high mission for 2024 and beyond. Plus, with new equality and inclusion strategies in place to foster gender-neutral workplaces, it’s an exciting time to be a part of the ITA Airways team.

Greener Fleets & New Flights

In 2024, 28 new generation aircraft will join the ITA Airways fleet. This expansion represents a huge step forward in the carrier’s growth strategy which aims to lead the way to becoming the greenest airline in Europe in 2026. It’s a future that is already well on track – the goal is to have about 90% of the fleet made up of new generation aircraft which will lead to an average reduction in fuel consumption of up to 27% and a decline in CO₂ emissions. 

Alongside these environmentally-friendly fleets is also a host of new routes which take ITA Airways passengers even further…


The new direct connection operates five times a week, departing from Riyadh every day except Wednesdays and Sundays, and arriving in Rome Fiumicino. The new route is operated with the technologically advanced Airbus A321neo. The opening of the new Riyadh – Rome flight marks a significant milestone for the airline, establishing connections to the Arabian Peninsula.  


The new route will operate thrice a week, increasing to four times weekly in July 2024. Flights to and from Kotoka International Airport in Accra will be operated with the new Airbus A321neo, a new-generation, technologically advanced aircraft. 


In the current Summer 2024, the new direct Chicago – Rome connection will initially provide 6 weekly flights, increasing to 7 from June. Moreover,  new intercontinental destinations have opened this summer, including a Toronto to Rome nonstop. Overall, ITA will offer 140 weekly flights between North America and Italy in the peak of the season. 

Airport In The City Programme

With Airport In The City, clients can check in and leave their hold baggage free of charge for all same-day ITA Airways flights. Departing from Rome Fiumicino airport (except USA and Israel destinations). They can check in, leave their baggage and pick it up directly at the baggage claim belt at their final destination!  

To use this program, they should go to the Airport In The City area in Rome Termini Station’s shopping area, near Via Giovanni Giolitti 16. The reception desks are open daily from 08:00 to 16:00. 

Your baggage will be transported free of charge to Rome Fiumicino Airport using vans powered by sustainable fuel made from 100% renewable resources. It will then be loaded onto your flight and ready for pick-up at your destination. No hauling baggage around and no spending on temporary storage: it’s simple, convenient, and free!

In addition to same-day check-in for their outbound flights, ITA Airways can also ship their hold baggage within the following timeframes:

By 10:00 AM for flights departing after 1:30 PM

By 1:00 PM for flights departing after 4:30 PM

By 4:00 PM for flights departing after 7:30 PM

Onboard and Pre-flight Services 

Inflight entertainment is available on all long-haul flights operated by our A330-200, A350, and A330neo aircraft, as well as on medium-haul flights operated by our A321neo and A320neo aircraft.

Our long-haul aircraft are equipped with an in-seat entertainment system, with individual touch screens, positioned on the back of the front chair, through which passengers can enjoy a vast bimonthly programming that includes films, TV series, games and music playlists.  

The inflight entertainment of Medium/ Short Haul is provided only on flights operated by the new aircraft A321neo and A320neo, which are equipped respectively with an in-seat entertainment system (A321neo), with the same characteristics as that of Long Haul, and Wireless Streaming entertainment system. 

The A321neo is the first narrowbody aircraft configured with three separate classes: Business Class (12 seats), Premium Economy (12 seats) and Economy (141 seats, including 12 dedicated to Comfort Economy).

Efficient and quiet, the new A321neo boasts more than 20% lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions per seat, and a 50% reduction in noise impact compared to previous generation aircraft. It also features a new Airspace Cabin with new colours and materials, latest-generation seats, ITA Airways’ custom interior lighting, and XL overhead bins. Each seat is equipped with the latest entertainment system, featuring “on-demand” video and audio, 17.3” (Business), 15.6” (Premium Economy) and 13.3” (Economy) low reflectivity and 4K resolution touchscreens for a simple, smooth and intuitive user experience. 

Services On Offer


Onboard Wi-Fi service is available by allowing passengers to stay connected with the world even at cruising altitude. Passengers receive a complimentary 30-minute connection to send messages on their preferred messaging platforms, after which they can purchase a package that best suits their needs. A link on the connectivity portal grants access to a free digital news service. 


With Wireless Streaming entertainment, clients can access a free selection of movies, TV series and music, from the widest programming of long haul, directly on their devices (mobile phone, iPad) through the connection to the on-board network. Once they have accessed the portal, they can simply click on one of the banners dedicated to entertainment. 


Inflight Menu

ITA Airways offers its customers an opportunity to indulge in new scents and flavours inspired by the excellence of Italian cuisine on all its intercontinental flights departing from Italy, featuring elegant simplicity as the hallmark of the talented chefs who design the in-flight menus. With the arrival of Spring, ITA Airways is introducing its new business class menu on intercontinental flights from Italy, crafted by Chef Giancarlo Morelli.  

Chef Morelli, with six restaurants and numerous haute-cuisine accolades worldwide, including one Michelin star, brings his Lombard roots to the forefront, showcasing seasonally sourced fresh spring vegetables with delicate colours. The menu is designed to take passengers on a journey through the scents, flavours, and colours of Italian excellence, taste, and style around the world. 

Renowned Chef Gennaro Esposito has also stepped in to design ITA Airways’ summer menu. Chef Esposito, known for his 2 Michelin star-rated restaurant “Torre del Saracino”, has created 4 dishes that represent his cuisine: the appetizer “Zucchini tartare with almonds and pumpkin flowers”, the “Cappellacci stuffed with chicken Cacciatora”, the “Amberjack, citrus and turmeric”, and the “Vesuvius apricot tartlets” to end.

ITA Airways Lounges

ITA Airways Lounges are designed to embody the Company’s ambitious mission of promoting Italian excellence and style worldwide. Thanks to significant partnerships with leading Made in Italy brands that share the same values and objectives: enhancing passengers’ flight experience by providing a service that embodies the best Italian style. Attention to detail is paramount in all ITA Airways lounges, ensuring comfortable and relaxing layovers with excellent food and connectivity.  

Hangar Lounge

The Hangar Lounge is a lounge at Rome Fiumicino Airport when travelling to domestic and international destinations within the Schengen area.

Piazza di Spagna

The Piazza di Spagna Lounge is a lounge at Rome Fiumicino Airport when travelling to domestic and international destinations within the Schengen area.

Fantasia Lounge

The Fantasia Lounge is reserved for the use of unaccompanied minors.

Piazza della Scala

The Piazza della Scala Lounge is located on the first floor of Schengen boarding area in the Milan Linate Airport.

Piazza Bellini

Located in Catania is the Piazza Bellini Lounge, introduced in December 2023.

Commitment to Sustainability


Sustainability is one of the fundamental values at ITA Airways. It is pursued through concrete actions aiming to achieve a reduced environmental impact. An ambitious fleet renewal plan has been envisaged to encompass 90% of new generation aircraft by 2026: more modern, efficient, comfortable aircraft with CO2 emissions reduced by 25% compared to the previous generation of aircraft. 

In addition, the availability of fuels that come from more sustainable sources such as SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) will help guide the transition of air transport from traditional fossil fuels to those of a biogenic nature. SAF, which is currently used on special flights, will gradually be used on the entire fleet. 

In an agreement with CHOOOSE, a Norwegian company leader in climate technologies – ITA Airways can offer the opportunity to participate in offsetting the CO₂ emissions of a passenger’s flight, contributing to the implementation of certified projects that promote the natural and social environment and helping with the supply of SAF, fuel with reduced CO₂ emissions.

Who ITA Works With:

Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano 

Corporate Social Responsibility

ITA Airways has placed a significant focus on Corporate Social Responsibility. Within Italy, ITA Airways supports the FAI – Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano (Italian Environment Fund) – through its Corporate Golden Donor membership program, intending to work together to promote tourism in the country by enhancing regional excellence. ITA Airways is also the main sponsor of the FAI’s Giornate d’Autunno (Autumn Days), an initiative dedicated to promoting special visits to hundreds of extraordinary places throughout Italy, usually inaccessible or less well-known.


The Importance of Prevention

ITA Airways works with Komen to raise awareness for health and the importance of prevention. It participates in the Race for the Cure, a symbolic event in the fight against breast cancer, by hosting the association’s volunteers at its Fiumicino headquarters to collect registrations for the event and to organize an in-house running team. It is also hosting the Prevention Caravan, which offers its employees (women and men) the opportunity to be screened for the most common gender-specific cancers.

Sonders & Beach

Sustainable Tourism

ITA Airways supports Sonders & Beach, a tourism group with experience in promoting socially inclusive and sustainable tourism, in line with the new EU policy. S&B is committed to creating travel experiences of freedom and well-being for every traveller, promoting the country and supporting customers in their travel choices. 

Rise Against Hunger

Giving Back to the World

ITA Airways supports the fight against world hunger with ‘Rise against hunger’. Around 100 of the company’s employees packed meals to be donated through the association’s channels to Africa, where a serious state of emergency exists. 

Sustainability is a major focus for ITA Airways. As part of their ESG goals, they aim to become carbon neutral by 2050 through a gradual reduction of their net carbon emissions…

ITA Connect for Travel Agents

ITA Connect offers a world of information at your fingertips, from product and service information to agents’ fares. Includes:


  • Product and services information
  • Operational procedures
  • Flight status in real time
  • And much more…

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