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The BTA (Business Travel Association) recently commissioned independent consultants, Nina & Pinter, ​to look at the different relationship models which exist between corporates and TMCs (travel management companies). The result is an insightful paper, the purpose of which is to help support the industry in getting the best from their Travel Management Company RFP process.

We asked our own Head of Gray Dawes Consulting, Aman Pourkarimi, to give us a summary of the report along with his own views and recommendations.

In this short video, Aman Pourkarimi gives an overview of the recent ‘Time For Change’ publication from Nina & Pinter, commissioned by the BTA. The purpose of this paper is to help support the industry in getting the best from their Travel Management Company (TMC) RFP process.

Aman also shares his own opinions on the paper’s findings and give his recommendations for a successful Client / TMC relationship.

Report Overview

A universal truth is that nobody, not buyers or suppliers enjoy the TMC RFP process. It is oftentimes seen as onerous, lengthy, never really getting to the heart of the service delivery and not fit for purpose. So, we will aim to explore these components within this paper and offer some best practice guidelines about the why’s and how’s involved in running a successful TMC RFP.

What has changed in the industry?

Since the onset of the global COVID pandemic, a lot has changed within the travel industry. All communities within the industry, have had to learn to pivot and do it quickly. Whereas previously it was always good practice to have a plan B, it quickly became the only practice to have a plan C, D & E!

The impact of COVID on corporate travel practices has been significant, long lasting and in some cases, permanent. As businesses look to slowly return to travel, there are key impacts and challenges to their business requirements and objectives. Some of those requirements may have changed and adapted throughout this period shifting from savings and cost driven priorities to approval processes, traveller safety and duty of care priorities.

There are likely to be more complex approval processes than there were pre COVID for example. Additionally, in order to support a sustainable return to travel, it may be important to provide visible pointers to travellers and bookers at point of purchase about more sustainable or non-travel options when looking to book a trip.

Essentially, whatever each corporations’ objectives, it has become more important than ever to ensure to match TMC services to business requirements.

Aman Pourkarimi

I hope you found our information useful and recommendations insightful. We will be running updated analysis every quarter so please do follow Gray Dawes Consulting on LinkedIn. If you need support with ensuring your travel programme is ready to scale up in terms of transaction volumes, we are running a GET SET programme focusing on updating the travel policy, approval process and supplier programme to assist meet with duty of care, budgeting and maintaining business continuity. Please look at our website for more information.

Aman Pourkarimi
Head of Consulting 

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