Travelling a lot for work can be tough and emotional for the traveller and their family, it’s important to be positive when it comes to your travel so its down to you and your employer to make this happen. Travelling can cause stress and can be draining both mentally and physically, so procedures need to be in place to avoid any of these problems happening.

Employee mental health

With more roles now involving business travel, whether the travel involved is long or short term there is a chance employees may experience mixed levels of stress and/or mental health issues. It is important for employers to understand the factors that cause stress and help their employees deal with them. It is also important that employers do not underestimate mental health issues and make sure they have strong procedures in place to identify and help prevent any problems.

Employee Physical health

If you are often having to travel for work it can be challenging to stick to your fitness routine and many factors could leave you with less time for exercise. It is important to make sure you keep active as you travel and to fit some physical activity into your day.

Work Performance

Being stressed about travel could cause your work performance to decrease, it is important for the employee and the employer to help manage this and keep your performance up while you travel. HR can help boost productivity by getting involved with the companies travel program, they can come up with policies and put procedures in place to help employees stay productive during their travelling periods.

To conclude, travelling for work can take its toll on people differently, both mentally and physically, there are multiple things that employers and employees can do to help with any problems along the way, it is important for employee wellbeing to be looked after during travel programs no matter if they are long or short. Click here to read our blog from last week, where we talk about how to help deal with the issues presented above.