If you’re getting bored of the standard Christmas at home and fancy a change of scenery, then you may want to try somewhere else to spend your time over the festive period this year. Below we’ve listed the Top 5 Christmas Holiday Destinations for you to visit this year!

Lapland- Is there a more Christmas orientated location than Lapland? I think you’d struggle to think of many places elsewhere with the festive landscape and traditions that this has to offer. There are many legends told by the native people about Lapland, from the scenery that can be viewed on a one horse open sleigh ride to seeing Prancer, Dancer, Vixen and Rudolph all roaming around! Plus if you have little ones, you can take them to see the man himself, Father Christmas! Lapland has always been a family favourite destination for this time of the year, as it just screams Christmas! Simply put, it just wouldn’t feel right without including this place on our list.

The Caribbean- Fancy a slight change in weather? You won’t find much snow in the Caribbean so for those of you that want to spend the festive season in the heat then this is the place for you. Walking across the beach with a cocktail in your hand at Christmas time sounds strange, but also quite relaxing! Instead of turkey, why not try some spicy jerk chicken on Christmas day instead, which to be honest doesn’t sound any less delicious. If the idea of spending the festive season in the Caribbean excites you, then it could be something worth trying if you enjoy the heat and want to get away from the cold weather!

New York- If you’re like me and you’ve seen Home Alone 2, then Christmas in New York definitely seems like quite an experience! All joking aside there are some fantastic things to do in this massive city around the festive period. For example, ice skating in Central Park, having a look at the gigantic Christmas tree in Rockefeller square which is around 29 metres tall, window displays at big department stores and much more! Plus if you want to stick around for New Year’s which you most likely should, you could either enjoy this in Times Square (which is usually packed) or head over to Prospect Park in Brooklyn where you can enjoy the fantastic New Year’s fireworks. The overall trip may cost more than some of the other options listed, but it’s well worth it for the enjoyment you will get.

Amsterdam- Offering stunning views, famous canals and boat trips it’s no wonder Amsterdam is one of the best places to visit around Christmas. The Amsterdam Light Festival runs from 1st December until the 22nd of January and transforms the city into a shining spectacle of Christmas lights and displays. These can be viewed along the canals as well from 5pm-11pm and really are worth seeing. There are plenty of street parties across the city as well with fireworks going off everywhere you can see at New Year. If you’re into clubbing as well then Amsterdam has some of the most famous ones around where you can dance until dawn. It’s a place you can visit anytime of the year really, but over the festive period it really does come to life even more!

Vienna- If you really want your “picture perfect Christmas” then Vienna might just be the place for you, it has a very old school feel to it and boasts 20 Christmas markets to enjoy. The markets offer a plethora of handcrafted furniture, winter food, clothes and much more. Vienna combines traditional festivities with exploration and there are plenty of timeless sights to see as you venture around as well. Of course, the light displays are fantastic as well, with dazzling displays all over the city to get you in the Christmas spirit so make sure you take a little stroll in the night time to really get the full enjoyment. Most of the Christmas markets are up already, so don’t worry about getting there too early! If you stay for New Year’s then you’re in for a treat as well, with as many as 300 balls taking place in January and the concert at the Vienna State Opera on New Year’s Day which is broadcast to more than 50 million people!

These are just a few suggestions for where you should spend your time over Christmas this year, if you liked this post and want to see more like it then check out some similar ones below!