If you’re a frequent business traveller, you’ll understand only too well how different it is travelling for business vs travelling for leisure.

It boils down to a want vs a need. Your boss probably needs you to travel for business, whether it be for a meeting or conference, but when it comes to leisure, you’re travelling because you want to, to wherever you want to go!

So naturally, there are quite a few differences in the two types of travellers, down from how they book, where they’ll book, and how they like to travel. Let’s take a look at how they prefer to travel…


Location, location, location

Business travellers are often slaves to a location – if they’re travelling for a meeting, conference or training, they’re most likely going to be looking for transport and accommodation in an exact location. They’ll probably also be looking for as short airport transfer times as possible!

Incredibly Loyal

Due to their high-frequency of travel, business travellers have the potential to become incredibly loyal clients. Therefore, they’re more likely to take advantage and benefit from airline and hotel loyalty schemes – 65% of business travellers belong to a hotel loyalty program, according to Google. Setting up a corporate hotel program with a travel management company, like Gray Dawes, can help you really make the most of your loyalty. Find out how here.

Get Connected

Because time is so precious for business travellers, free WiFi is incredibly important to them – or at the very least, some kind of access to WiFi.

Comfort over style

Business travellers are more likely to want their hotel room to feel like a home from home, particularly as they’ll need to get up and ready for work in the morning. They’ll be more likely to book a hotel which has plenty of all-inclusive amenities, such as a coffee-maker, ironing board, hair-dryer, continental breakfast, and of course a mini bar to help them unwind at the end of a long day.


Price Conscious

Leisure travellers tend to be more conscious of how much they’re spending on their travel, as opposed to business travellers whose costs are generally covered by their company or client. According to Google 63% of travellers will consciously consider costs when deciding on which hotel to book with.

Recommendations and Reviews

Recommendations from friends, family and colleagues are incredibly important to leisure travellers, as are online reviews – they’ll use these to help them decide where to book and where to visit.

On-site Facilities

Naturally, leisure travellers are going to have much more time to spend at the hotel they book, therefore it’s not a surprise that they’ll be looking for plenty of on-site facilities for their stay, such as a pool, restaurant or even gym. Business travellers on the other hand, tend to have a lot less down time – unless they’ve decided to try a bit of ‘Bleisure’, discover more about Bleisure here.

If you’re looking to book business travel, take a look at the options we offer for corporate travel management here. We also specialise in luxury affordable holidays, which you can find more detail on here.