Project Description

In addition to providing our overseas incentive, conference and product launch programs, we have seen an increasing number of clients rely on us to manage their corporate private jet charters and UK travel arrangements when flying to an event that is being locally managed by one of their overseas compatriots.

Managing the requirements of hundreds of individual travellers, getting them to their destination airport on time and in line with your Corporate Social Responsibility protocols can prove to be very time consuming and an administrative burden and the GD Events team are here to take as much or as little of the load off your teams hands as you desire.

Also, our experience and buying power in the charter flight market is largely unparalleled having managed many hundreds of charter flights over the past few years. Charter clients have included the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea as well as major corporates including a highly complex, 2 week cross Atlantic rotation for a leading high street bank.

  • Charter flight negotiation, contracting and management- please speak to a member of our team for a no-obligation quote
  • Check-in management and support (VIP terminals if available)
  • Airport lounge access and, or “gate catering”
  • Attendee registration, communication and management
  • Onboard branded items: headrests, amenity kits etc