Project Description

When you need to move a large number of your employees to a conference, product launch, training session etc it can very quickly become a massively time consuming and burdensome task.

We work with a growing number of clients, taking the administration of such events from their hands and providing a seamless and highly efficient management solution.

For one of our automotive clients we recently managed such a programme for a range of groups travelling from the UK to Slovakia for a conference/ new product training event.

Key services we provided included:

  • Private Aircraft Charters for 13 individual groups from a variety of UK airports; customers, investors, dealers, press and internal employees. 1200+ travellers in total
  • VIP terminal and, or lounge access for certain groups
  • Fully branded private airport check-in
  • On-board Aircraft branding; menus, head rests, announcements etc
  • Management of all UK airport accommodation requirements ensuring only those attendees who “qualified” for pre-trip accommodation were offered this option (based on attendee seniority and, or travelling distance to the airport)
  • A welcome desk at each airport hotel
  • Management of all UK airport parking needs
  • Management of feeder flights (primarily from Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands) for travellers to meet the charter flight
  • Full event escorting and “flight riding”
  • Creation and management of a bespoke, fully branded event website to include delegate registration
  • Dispatch and follow up of personalised and fully client branded e-invitations
  • Dispatch of personalised and client branded joining instructions/ full event itineraries
  • Inbound concierge service to answer any questions or queries invitees had regarding any element of the event, all email sent and calls answered in our clients name, not ours
  • Full management of all administration including flight manifests, rooming lists, parking requirements, special requests etc

If you’ve got an impending corporate event with an imposing looking need for the management of complex travel logistics please get in touch with a member of the GDG Events team as we’d be delighted to be able to give you more details on our experience and how we may be able to remove a headache or two from your event planning.