Our Hotel Billback Management App

Have your travellers ever been asked to provide payment at a hotel reception even though “billback” instructions have been sent?

Our TripPay mobile phone App provides a solution to bilback headaches by providing travellers with instant 24/7 access to all payment and transaction history relating to hotel billbacks arranged through GDG.

  • View the booking details including confirmation references
  • View on day of arrival the unique virtual credit card number generated for the specific transaction. This card is unique and lodged to the booking value and hotel supplier for complete security.
  • View the rear of the credit card for CVV number
  • View the communication history and resend a payment communication to the property if requested
  • Upload a copy of the hotel receipt at the end of the stay

For further information please contact your GDG Account Management team  on account.management@gdg.travel

You can download the App here: