Electronic pickpocketing is the new form of crime amongst fraudsters. Before all the new technologies someone would just create a diversion to steal someone’s credit card or maybe sneak up and quickly swipe it. However in the modern age someone can simply be on the same train or bus as you and potentially steal your card information with a concealed credit card reader.

A simple thief can sit around a train station or bus stop and acquire countless credit card numbers every day. The technology that is used to make convenient and easy purchases can also be used to obtain credit card information. Not just credit cards, as work badges can also be scanned which is known as wireless identity theft.

RFID technology has become very popular due to its convenience and ease of use. A lot of banks are including this in their latest products and adding contactless payment onto cards to use at registers. This method allows customers to save time and pay for what they want quicker. Card readers from distances of up to 100m away can scan non-powered RFID tags.

RFID tags have many uses, which include security and agricultural reasons, but contactless payment can attract a lot of scammers and con artists as it deals with people’s money. RFID tags can be found in Pet microchips, rental cards and event passes.

A lot of people have RFID technology in their cards but just don’t know that it’s there, which can endanger them to Electronic pickpocketing. You can tell that your card has RFID technology by seeing if it has the contactless symbol on the corner of the card. This looks like radio waves or a Wi-Fi signal.

The way to avoid being Electronically pickpocketed is by using a wallet or a sleeve to block RFID scanner waves. If you have been the victim of Electronic pickpocketing then don’t panic. Just call your credit card company and alert them to suspicious activity.