It would appear that hotels looking to impress their business traveller might not want to concentrate their efforts on top notch room service, wifi connection is the key amenity.  No surprise there.

This is not the only key player battling for the top spot though.

Every road warrior knows that if you forget deodorant, a razor, or any other basic toiletry, the reception desk probably has a stash of replacements for you, a handful of single use toothpastes is rather handy at 11pm  when the local convenience store in inconveniently shut.

Another point worth a mention would be the more common-sense use of technology. After a long day of constant technology use, the ability to be able to pick up an actual telephone to order extra towels and room service, rather than battling with a tablet or touch screen TV would be much more civilised.

A free bottle of water is also a nice perk. Several up-scale and boutique hotels are now stepping up, offering free refreshments and snacks in the tiny in-room fridges. Also very handy.

But wouldn’t it be nice to have the “nice to haves” as a given?

In the opinion of a frequent traveller, Free Internet and bottled water should be already included in the room rate as standard according to a survey carried out by a middle range hotel chain last year. Lower-level hotels typically include both, plus free parking and breakfast.

Should the bigger boys in the industry be taking note?