I really need to be able to take a holiday and switch off from work but with there being such a strong bond between personal holiday choice and what might thus appeal to an incentive travel audience it’s pretty tough!

Finding the unique element to a European trip is becoming ever more difficult to achieve particularly with most of the continent so easily accessible these days, what is left to explore?

Well, keen to get some additional flags in my wall map (literally!) I chose to head off to base myself in beautiful Dubrovnik, Croatia for 4 nights. This gave me time to explore the spectacular walled Old City as well as visit an island or two but also, and potentially interestingly if you’re looking for a corporate event twist, also ventured into nearby Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina which turned a short break from the UK into an easy multi-country adventure.

All three countries offer truly impressive natural scenery with the Adriatic Sea backed by lush green mountains and picturesque red roofed villages and both Montenegro and Bosnia are easily accessible as day trips from Dubrovnik.

A Croatia- Montenegro- Bosnia Herzegovina triumvirate certainly does make for an interesting proposition for a long weekend (minimum 3 nights depending upon your flight times) which would appeal to those groups after a relaxing, cultural experience rather than a high-adrenaline, multi-activity event.