Working in this industry there is no place in the world you can visit where you don’t end up giving some consideration as to whether it would “work” for a corporate event. Having recently returned from a (personal) trip to Everest Base Camp such thoughts were at the forefront of my mind.

Unfortunately a trip all the way to Base Camp is a non-starter unless you’re happy for a group of your most important people to be away from the office for 3 weeks. What could work though, for a trip based on glimpsing the world’s highest peak, is a shorter trek to Namche Bazaar and a stay at the Everest View Hotel (which comes complete with your own supply of oxygen in the room to help cope with the altitude!).

Your journey would commence in Kathmandu (accessible from the UK via India) with an exploration of the undoubtedly fascinating and unique city with plenty to see and experience. From Kathmandu it’s a short 30 minute flight up to Lukla to commence a 2 day trek to Namche Bazaar through the foothills of the Himalayas.  It has to be said, once outside of Kathmandu the facilities are basic at best and any travellers would have to be forewarned and willing to embrace what our guide simply referred to as “adventure not luxury”.

Is Nepal and a Himalayan trek something I’d recommend for any corporate group? categorically not but, if you’re looking for a truly unique incentive itinerary and the audience you’re looking to attract are up for a true adventure and a special once in a lifetime experience then details of this trip are well worth exploring further.