The mere name Delegate Registration Portal sounds very dull, functional and administratively necessary in the pre planning of your event.

At GD Events we’ve taken attendee event registration and created a system to capture your audiences details that is visually appealing and fully tailored to the needs of your event and what you are looking to convey.

All our delegate registration portals are fully bespoke to each of our clients demands including full branding, unique url and a page populated with complete event information (itineraries, activity options, contact details, maps, imagery etc).

We’ll also act as the helpline for your attendees to answer any questions or queries they may have about the event itself or completing the form. Again you’ll have an event specific email address and by using a dedicated telephone number we can answer the phone in the name of your company rather than ours to provide a simple, streamlined registration process for your guests.

As we’ve mentioned, each of our delegate registration portals is unique but we’ve mocked up a sample that can be accessed below:


For more information about how we can assist with delegate management for your next corporate event then please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.