Recent experience has given us a great deal of confidence to proclaim that, given the opportunity, we would be able to provide significant savings on your next corporate event.

We have been providing an ever increasing number of proposals and benchmarking exercises on behalf of potential new clients’. Companies have been enticed, by our single figure % management fee coupled with over 20 years history working with some of the Europe’s leading brands; AGCO, Audi, Fulham FC, Peugeot, Premier League, Renault, Volvo to name just a few.

By way of example, it has surprised us how few companies are receiving commission ‘kick-back’ on their events. We have saved companies literally £00,000s by rebating the commission we receive from a hotel directly back to the them.

We have negotiated commission rates with hotel properties across the globe and such ‘kick backs’ can in some instances more than cover our management fee for the event as a whole.

This means, in essence, that for certain events our clients’ receive our expert event management service for free!