Adding Value to your Corporate Event

We recognise that your company brand should continually feature throughout all communications during your event. We work to keep the costs down by producing quality items in-house at no additional charge.

Personalised: invitations, final itineraries. luggage labels, welcome packs, departure notices, delegate badges, destination theming.. Production: pocket sized onsite itineraries, branded materials throughout, lunch and dinner menus, event signage throughout, event business cards and emergency contact details…

Additional branding ideas and opportunities:

  • Website – your own event branded website with full event details, updates and secure and simple delegate registration.
  • Event stationery – for any written communication, before, during and after the event. Branded Key Cards – an excellent use of branding a very effective reminder, always close to hand and constantly used throughout the event.
  • Cafe Barrier – using a company branded cafe barrier can add that extra element of exclusivity to your dining experience, fully reusable for your next trip!
  • Room Gifts – which guests will use long after the event, are a great reminder of an event.
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