You have no idea where the baggage carousel is. Checked in bags are for tourists

Finding a power-point to charge your devices at the airport gives you the same excitement as finding a fiver down the sofa

You speak to your corporate travel agent more than you do your mum

Your office is seat 17D and your home is a Double Deluxe for sole occupancy on a high floor away from the lift

The sandwich bags used for the kids lunch boxes are all closed by a zip measuring 20cm x 20cm with no branding

You can pack a case better than Mary Poppins can pack her carpet handbag

Previously you have been known to pack an adaptor when going camping with the family

You have a wallet or purse full of mixed currencies accompanied by a collection of loyalty cards

The check in staff greet you by your name and ask how the kids are doing at school

You notice when the airport lounge changes the brand of jam or orange juice at breakfast. It was the only thing that had routine in your life

Loved ones are shocked if they receive a birthday present and it’s not from duty free

You have trouble remembering the alarm code for your home, but you can recite the in-flight safety script word for word

Your a two set jet setter.  Two sets of toothpaste and toothbrushes, one for home and one for the bag.  Two sets of chargers and two sets of itineraries, one for the bag and one for home – just so they have a chance of remembering where you are

Finally,  “The meaning of Happiness is…………A flight that leaves on time and a hotel with correct billing instructions.”