In the past, safari holidays had unfortunately become somewhat unpopular for a number of reasons, however Africa will soon see a large rise in tourists due to countries on the continent taking steps to make it easier and safer to travel around as well as more streamlined than before.

Africa was hit with several issues that had put off many potential tourists from travelling there, from the Ebola crisis in 2014 to the political controversy in Egypt and Tunisia. However, the continent is now getting ready to become the next big travel destination, with airlines now adding more flights in the region and hotels gearing up for massive growth.

Due to low cost airlines, it is now easier and cheaper to travel to Africa, even if you are on a tight budget. This is down to a change that airlines have lobbied for and is because of an “open skies” agreement which is called the Single African Air Transport Market in 1988. This ends the agreement of protectionist policies over national airlines in 23 countries.

It is expected that airfares will be 25% lower in the future and low-cost airlines can now broaden to new markets and offer new low-cost connections. Because of visa regulations improving as well, this makes African countries more accessible to travellers.

Africa has always been one of the hottest tourist destinations and thrives off the number of visitors they get. The safari trips offer some of the best wildlife experiences in the world. Taking you across iconic national parks with each of them offering their own distinctive character. You can travel by road along the dusty tracks appreciating the landscapes and wildlife or even take to the skies to take in the spectacular views.

But you don’t have to just safari in Africa!If you’d like to go somewhere else then there are plenty of other places where you can come face to face with wildlife. Such as Canada, Australia, Sri Lanka, Romania and many more. All of these locations offer different landscapes, climate and animals to recognize, so each will vastly differ from one another.

Of course, a lot of travellers have different tastes, so depending on whether or not you’d like a more sociable holiday with other travellers or a more solo adventure you can book for each accordingly. The great thing about safaris is that they’re not all the same, you can have them tailor made so you can make sure that everywhere you go will be specifically chosen by you or your group.

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