Serviced apartments are becoming an increasingly popular option for business travellers, with nearly a third of corporate travellers choosing them over hotels in 2018. But what is causing this shift away from traditional accommodation?

It’s clear that there’s been a great deal of change in the travel industry over the past couple of years, mostly led by technology but also by new and exciting innovations. Serviced apartments are by no means new or innovative, but there is no denying the resurgence they have seen in the past few years. With websites such as AirBNB and offering the chance for travellers to enjoy a ‘home away from home’ – both in the corporate and leisure sectors – it’s not a surprise that travellers are opting for their own space rather than a room in a hotel. However, their increase in popularity is bucking industry trends, as the only type of accommodation to actually see any increase in use over the past two years.

So, why are travellers choosing serviced apartments over the luxury of a hotel room? A survey carried out by the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers revealed that the number one reason, unsurprisingly, is value for money. It’s becoming clear that corporate travellers today, aren’t necessarily opting for the cheapest accommodation but they are definitely aware of value and want to get the best experience possible for their money. Value can vary from traveller to traveller, it could mean choosing accommodation which is convenient, or perhaps which is comfortable and has all the amenities they require.

Second to value for money, is travellers opting for self-catering accommodation which hotels simply cannot offer them. Business travellers are becoming increasingly aware of looking after their own well-being when on a work trip, which extends to eating healthily – and this could perhaps play a part in why so many are now looking for self-catering accommodation so they have further control over their diet.

Recently, at Gray Dawes, we have partnered with The Apartment Service and Native, who both offer serviced apartments to business travellers. We understood, since speaking with our clients, that a great deal of them prefer the freedom and flexibility which comes with staying in a serviced apartment, so it is important to us to be able to offer them a range of suitable apartments for their trips. We’re able to work with our clients to arrange long-term apartment bookings that they might struggle to find elsewhere, sometimes for weeks, and often months.

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