If it’s your first time departing for an adventure holiday, you may wonder what you need to take into consideration before leaving. In this blog post we’re going to outline some of the key things you should think about to make sure you’re prepared for the adventure ahead.


Location– Arguably the most important aspect of an adventure holiday is the destination, these types of holidays have a vast array of different and exciting locations that cater to most thrill seekers. Whether its trekking in a jungle or along the Great Wall of China, to going on a safari in South Africa or camping around the Grand Canyon. Make sure you find the location that is best suited to your holiday needs, especially if there is a big group of you, so that way everyone knows what to expect. Make sure to do research on plenty of locations before you decide, that way you know exactly what each place has to offer.


Pack light, but efficient– It’s a very good idea to make a list of the clothing and items you need before leaving for your adventure holiday, you may think you have everything but if this is your first adventure holiday, there’s probably something you haven’t thought of! Also make sure you have a suitcase that meets transport guidelines, depending on the airline this could be 22kg or 20kg. If you can’t quite fit everything in your suitcase then put items in your hand luggage, because when you get there you’ll likely be using your hand luggage backpack day to day for walking or cycling.


Weather– When embarking on an adventure holiday many of the locations can be wet and cold, so make sure you bring plenty of layers such as lightweight jackets, waterproof jackets and insulated ones. Don’t think because you’re travelling in the summer that some of these places will be warm, because you can still feel the cold quite frequently! There are plenty of other aspects to consider such as hiking boots, gloves, neck wear, hats etc. Obviously, there are  plenty of warmer destinations, but generally most adventure locations tend to be of a colder climate.


Don’t forget the Apps– There are plenty of very useful applications that can be downloaded onto your phone or other device that help with travelling, such as navigation, translator, currency exchange, banking and maybe even some reading material for when you get bored whilst on the way to a location. In this day and age of technology its always advisable to take advantage of available technology, as it can often make your life a lot easier in many ways.


Travel Insurance– This should be an absolute essential if you’re planning one of these holidays, often a lot of the activities involve climbing to high altitudes, rock climbing, trekking and other aspects which can be potential harm. Insurance costs can be quite high abroad, so paying it before you go can bring peace of mind just in case you might sustain an injury or catch anything. Most importantly though, it just allows you to have fun! It will make your holiday so much better and enjoyable without having the need to worry.


These are just a few of the key aspects you should consider when booking an adventure holiday. Why not see what kind of adventure holidays we can offer you on our leisure page?