Whether you’re hoping to go solo for a business trip or for leisure, travelling alone as a woman can unfortunately be a daunting idea. In 2019, it seems a shame that there are still many reasons for women to feel unsafe and intimidated. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to make travelling alone far less daunting.

Do As Much Research As You Can

Before you set out on your travels, research is key. The more information you can arm yourself with before your trip, the more comfortable and confident you’ll feel while you’re there. Research everything, from cultural norms to looking on Google street maps at the surrounding areas of your accommodation and anywhere else you might be visiting.

Avoid Taking Valuables

When packing ask yourself – do I really need this? Although there are some valuables you might not be able to leave behind, such as your mobile phone, camera or laptop, it’s worth considering how many expensive, irreplaceable items you take with you. Items such as expensive jewellery or even sentimental keepsakes are worth leaving at home. Not only will you be incredibly upset if any of these items get lost or stolen, they could also make you a target for theft.

Think About How You Dress/Present Yourself

Once you’ve worked out which of your valuables aren’t absolutely essential for your trip, it’s also a good idea to consider how you present yourself. Depending on where you’re travelling, it may be wise not to wear any obviously expensive logoed clothing. This also extends to your suitcase! If your suitcase is logoed with a designer name, you could be bringing unwanted attention to yourself. Your research will also help you identify any cultural dress requirements that you might encounter on your travels, for example if you’re travelling to Dubai it’s important to dress modestly.

Time It Just Right

When booking your travel, we all tend to consider the time of our departure and how convenient it is, but what about your arrival time at your destination? When travelling alone we suggest aiming to arrive in daylight hours, where you’ll have plenty of time to get to your accommodation safely before it gets dark.

Think Like A Local

It’s good practice to aim to blend in as much as possible when you’re travelling in a foreign country. This is where your prior research comes in! How would a local dress, act, and get around? Adopt their habits and you’ll make yourself less of a target.

It’s Worth Spending More On Staying Safe

When it comes to budgeting for your trip – whether this is from your own personal budget, or on company finance – there are things you can afford to save on, for example taking hand luggage instead of paying for a carry on case, or travelling in economy rather than business class. But when it comes to your safety, it’s worth spending more money! This might mean spending slightly more on accommodation in a safer, more central, well-lit neighbourhood, or travelling by taxi rather than walking.

Don’t Be Afraid To Appear Rude

Sometimes, as women we have a tendency to be over polite and often this can unintentionally put your own safety at risk. When you’re travelling your personal safety comes above everything else, even if this means having to be assertive or politely saying ‘no’. Always put your own safety first.

Keep In Touch

No matter how busy you end up – either with back to back business meetings, or sight-seeing and adventuring – make sure to let someone know where you are, and a rough itinerary of your plans. This is easy if you’re working with a travel management company, such as Gray Dawes Group – our traveller tracking technology will keep you safe, read more about that here.

Lastly – Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

Whilst travelling alone as a woman can be intimidating and daunting, it’s also an exciting experience well worth trying! If you’re deciding whether to travel alone for pleasure, then the experience can be a life-changing one which fills you with self-confidence, even travelling alone for business can instill you with a fresh new sense of adventure, so don’t be put off by your worries! Follow our advice, and enjoy your travels safely.

What are your top safety trips when travelling alone? Would you feel confident enough to travel to a foreign destination on your own as a woman? Let us know in the comments.