When travelling abroad you must be very wary of your actions as you are the one representing the business and if you make a mistake, then this could impact on your employer as well. The first tip for travelling is to make sure you are aware of cultural diversities. As if you do not respect another’s views then you could come across as ignorant and not someone a client would want to do business with. You do not have to believe his or her views, just make sure you don’t anger anyone by speaking out. Make sure if you are going abroad you learn their greetings and basic words of the language.


Dress appropriately as well, so something that won’t offend. Make sure when you meet the client you come across polite and kind, so a simple handshake and smile could go a long way. Ensure that meetings are already pre planned before you leave on the trip and send the client a list of things they should bring with them, including a translator if needed. Be aware of the countries food as well to not embarrass yourself or maybe even offend anyone. If someone does anything to you that may be considered rude elsewhere then just take no notice, it could be considered normal in the country you are in.


You must also consider the time difference in the country you might be travelling to, this is important as the jet lag may impact you when meeting potential clients or attending meetings. If you do not appropriately plan for the time change then this could look very unprofessional and clients may not be impressed. Lets face it you don’t want to be falling asleep in a meeting or be late.