Top Travel  Tips


We have put together some of the best Travel hacks to get you through your holidays, from saving you time  to making things easier. We guarantee you’ll be thanking us at the end for these top tips!


Roll your clothes for more space – It seems quite simple, but you want to maximise room in your suitcase, so rather than folding your clothes, roll them! It will stop your clothing creasing and it will allow space for you to bring back your favourite souvenirs.


Portable phone charger – Another pretty simple thing to take, but you would be surprised at the amount of people that don’t use one. They essentially are an external battery and you can charge them using a USB connector or just a simple battery. These are great for emergencies when your phone may run out of juice.


Keep a bottle  of water with you always – When you give up your water bottle at security, it can be a real pain.  Make sure you always take an empty bottle through security so you can fill it up at the nearest tap or water fountain. That way you won’t have to spend extra on another bottle of water.


Pill container to sort jewellery – If you wear jewellery then you will find this to be an effective way of keeping it sorted, neatly and conveniently. Rather than putting it somewhere where it gets mixed up, why not use a pill container instead so you know where all your specific jewellery is.


Bring several pairs of underwear in your carry on – This may seem a bit silly, but if your luggage gets lost on the way to your destination then you will be thankful! Quite often when luggage is lost people may be wearing the same dirty clothes for a while so have an emergency spare pair is never a bad idea.


Use a travel wallet for your important items – This will save you a lot of time digging through your pockets for all the different items you may have. Sometimes you can hold other people up by searching for so long, at least this way it will save you time and generally make things a lot easier!


Store all your cables/chargers in a glasses case – This is a great way to keep everything in one place, and will save you looking in different places for chargers and cables that you might need. There are a lot of times where they may get lost in your luggage so at least this way you know you won’t lose them!


There are plenty of other travel tips, however we believe these are the essentials, you may not think a lot of these are big deals but once you get to the point of leaving, I’m sure you’ll be thankful you followed our advice!


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