Planning a company conference can be a strenuous task, they are complex and tricky to plan. There are certain aspects which need to be considered when organising one, and you should have a clear set of targets which you would like to achieve. In this blog, we’re going to give you our top tips on planning a successful company conference.

Decide On Clear Targets

The best conferences always have a clear purpose, whether it be engaging in team building, motivating the sales force, introducing a new product or service. This will determine what the rest of the conference looks and feels like. Such as the agenda, the speakers and the size.

Decide On A Date

Once you pick a date for the conference, stick to it. This will give the organisers the most possible time to plan an effective conference. If this were to change, then certain aspects of the event may have to be re-thought or changed. If the date of the conference is changed, it can take even more time and affect the final delivery of the event as a whole.

Have Some Ideas In Mind

What would you most like to see? Would you like some dynamic speakers, certain food arranged, break out sessions? These are all aspects that need to be considered when planning a successful company conference, and letting us know these details will ensure we provide you with the best possible service.

Booking The Venue

A massive factor in planning a conference, the venue needs to suit your needs/size. If your event is relatively small or you’re a smaller organisation then there will be venues which best suit your requirements. If you’re a larger company, then larger venues will need to be selected to accommodate for the number of attendees and activities you will have planned.


Coming up with an events theme can be a difficult task at the best of times but it is sometimes the key ingredient in making it memorable, while there is no magic answer for this, a helping hand is all you need sometimes. Creativity also extends the little details, such as invites, RSVPs, etc. which is why experience is key to ensure creative consistency.

These are just some of the top tips suggest for a successful company conference. If you’d like us to help take the stress out of the planning process, our GDEvents team can help you through every step and pave the way for a successful event. Get in touch with them now by clicking here!