Thinking about booking your summer holiday for this year? It’s that time of the year when everyone’s fed up with the cold weather and needs something to look forward to. Well in this post we’re going to list some of the top destinations you should consider when you go on your travels this summer!

Caribbean- A very unique place that offers charm with its lush tropical region, many that visit here find themselves coming back again and again. It’s a place that has such a contagious energy and stunning atmosphere. It’s a real slice of paradise that offers some peace and quiet to its visitors, with its picture-perfect beaches and calm environment. Whether it be Antigua and Barbuda or Trinidad and Tobago nowhere in the Caribbean will leave you disappointed at what you find. Each island has a very unique history however they all share that same laid-back vibe and warm hospitality that the region is so famous for, there are plenty of great hotels to choose from as well which will only add to the luxury experience.


Sorrento– An incredibly historic location, Sorrento offers a very quaint feel and is known for its fantastic architecture throughout the town. There are plenty of old houses, cathedrals and monasteries to explore and is lined with shops and restaurants. You can even go on a mini cruise and view the town and coastal villages in their full glory, the town itself can be quite busy so if you fancy a change then why not talk a walk in the Verdant hills and enjoy the views. Of course, because it’s in Italy you won’t be disappointed by the food that Sorrento has to offer, with plenty of great places to eat dotted around the area that serve freshly made pasta, seafood, pizza and much more. Get a taste of traditional Italian life, and enjoy the sandy beaches and crystal waters at one of Italy’s most exclusive holiday resorts.


Croatia– Having only really come back into relevance in recent years, Croatia is firmly back on the map for one of the top summer holiday destinations to visit. Offering a stunning coastline, beautiful old harbour towns and preserved nature it’s not exactly your traditional beach holiday. You can combine beach life with soaring mountains, and also has a staggering eight national parks which are known for their stunning lakes and waterfalls. Also, if you like a place with some atmosphere then Croatia has some great nightlife and summer festivals that attract top performers, whether these are within medieval walls or on the beach. Even going to Dubrovnik alone is worth the trip, it has some fantastic medieval architecture that will leave you amazed as well, which is probably why its home to the set of Game Of Thrones!


Tenerife- This sub-tropical island off the coast of Morocco is one of the hottest summer destinations you’ll find. It has a wealth of things to do, such as hiking across Teide national park, sunbathing on the beach, partying in Playa de las Americas and much more, venturing into ancient fishing villages and much more. The island enjoys sunshine all year round, and has some top-quality resorts that enjoy great views. The food is Spanish at heart, with seafood being the main choice of cuisine, if you’re a coffee lover then this is the place for you as well, try the traditional “barraquito” which is a steaming hot drink made from layers of vanilla liqueur and coffee. There are plenty of luxury places to stay across the island, however the holiday in itself can be very cost effective if need be.


These are just a few of our suggestions on where you could take a summer holiday this year, if you liked this post then maybe our leisure travel team can make your holiday a reality here. Or maybe check out one of our other recent posts below!