In this modern age, there are plenty of young travellers exploring the world, and of course they wouldn’t go on holiday without sharing their trip on social media too! In this post, we’re going to outline some of the top “Instagrammable” locations you can explore while you’re on your travels, these will be sure to get you a few likes!  


Amsterdam, Netherlands– It would be a rude to make a list like this and not include Amsterdam, it has so many picture-perfect locations that you will be spoilt for choice. Famous for its long canals, museums, coffee shops and nightlife, this place is a haven for taking the ideal Instagram picture. It is also a very affordable place to go, with cheap accommodation everywhere and plenty of bikes to rent to get around the city. You can see why this place attracts the younger generation and so many tourists every year without fail, so if you’re planning on finding a place to get some great shots Amsterdam is the place for you!


The Maldives– Unlike Amsterdam, the Maldives is a little more on the expensive side, however it really is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Located around an hour and a half away from Sri Lanka you will find a place that is filled with sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. If you stay at a luxury resort then you can experience the full package, it feels like you’re in another world with how secluded the whole place is. The photo opportunities are endless as well, you could take a picture sitting on the beach overlooking the ocean or maybe even the view from your hut? The resorts are on separate islands and rarely have a massive amount of people there, some travellers have said they went days without seeing other guests!


Times Square, New York- if you want a polar opposite to the Maldives, then this is it. The busy lifestyle of New York is one of the reason why it’s one of, if not the most, famed city in the world. Times Square is the perfect example of this, there is so much to look at and take in that it’s the perfect excuse to capture it with a photo. There are so many colours and sounds as well that it’s a great place to capture a live Instagram video – it’s hardly a surprise that its nicknamed the “centre of the universe” when you see it. New York is a little more on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for. The city is such a landmark that it’s no wonder the place is filled to the brim with tourists.


Marrakech, Morocco- Famous for its architecture, textiles and colours this city actually dates back to medieval times. This is a very different atmosphere to the previous choices we’ve listed and there are  plenty of markets and gardens to explore. The beauty of Marrakech as well is that even at night time, its exactly the same as in the day, the markets and bazaars thrive no matter what the time of day. Plus, it’s a very cheap place to stay, with a traditional riad (Moroccan house) only costing £27 per night.


Bali, Indonesia- This is the classic backpacker’s destination, being host to millions of tourists per year. There is so much variety in Bali, one minute you could be exploring a jungle and the next you could be sitting on a sandy beach by the ocean. You can rent a villa for around £15 a night and there are plenty of great locations to take some photos. Why not go and visit a shrine or temple to take in some of the culture of the area, or visit the Sacred Monkey Forest and go surfing in Uluwatu. If you fancy some relaxation as well there are plenty of places to partake in some yoga or visit a retreat.

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These are just a few of the most “Instagrammable” locations to visit, there are plenty of places all over the world that you don’t even have to travel far for, to capture some fantastic photos and videos. If you want to why not start planning your Instagram worthy trip today? Take a look at our Luxury Holidays here.