Make your hand luggage easy to access- This may seem like a fairly simple thing to do, but it really goes a long way to making you feel less stressed. If all of your documents and electronics are packed at the top and easy to access, then you wont be rummaging through your bag and causing a queue at security. Its good to take a bag that has pockets and compartments so all of your equipment and documents are organised.


Have a list of all essential contacts ready- Make sure you’re ready for business and have all contact names and numbers and the details of where you are staying all printed out or easily accessible on your phone/laptop. You don’t want to be rushing around looking for contact details and where your meetings will be as this could lead to mistakes!


Advance check in- If you check in before you get to the airport, you will avoid unnecessary queues and immediate stress. You can check in 24 hours before your flight departs online or with some airlines you can check in via their app. This not only saves time but doing this also gives you a better seating choice, so if you don’t want that middle seat then check in early!


Enjoy the airport and what it has to offer- If you arrive at the airport with plenty of time to spare your stress levels will go down considerably. You can use the airport lounges to get a drink and relax or go into Duty free and see what you can pick up for the flight. You can even have a shower and freshen up before you get on the plane so you feel nice and relaxed. So don’t treat an airport as just a process, make sure you take advantage of all it has to offer.


Just relax- Once your flight takes off, make sure you get nice and comfortable and get some sleep. You can bring personal items to help as well like a travel pillow or a nice blanket, or change into some looser fitting clothing that will help you feel cosier. Some quality headphones go a long way as well, which will help you drown out the sound and feel more at ease with everything.