Before you head off jet setting, ideally you want to adjust your internal body clock. If this is an option, try to change your sleeping and eating patterns gradually to adapt with the time zone of your destination.


As a nation of coffee lovers it is part of everyday life for most of us to ply ourselves with the caffeine fuelled beverage, we hate to say it but this is not a good idea! As we know, Caffeine can keep you awake, with jet lag affecting us in many ways this could have the reverse affect when you try to catch some zzzz’s.


Overnight flights are always more beneficial,resulting in less Jet lag. You generally adapt quicker meaning you will eat at a more regular time and also be able to get some shut eye on the flight.


This goes for most things but staying hydrated (we mean the H20 type of hydration!) helps in most situations, especially when trying to deal with Jet lag. We would advise packing some other items such as eye drops and moisturising lotion and if you wear contact lenses make sure they are spotless before you leave.


Avoid nana naps! If you arrive somewhere at night then you should be relatively fine, try not to have a mini kip as soon as you get to your hotel. Instead, power through and try waiting until a suitable evening time to sleep.


Getting some fresh air helps. When you arrive at your destination, take a stroll in your new surroundings. If unfortunately it’s straight to the office – ask for the air conditioning to be ranked up, it’s hard to snooze when shivering!