Planning a cruise can be quite a stressful challenge for a lot of people, especially if you’ve never been on one. Families and friends can sometimes disagree on places to visit but a cruise allows you to experience many different locations. But before you leave, you will definitely want to ask yourself a few questions to help with organising the trip.


Who will be going on the cruise- You have to consider the amount of people that will be in the group so you can plan accordingly for rooms and food, however age isn’t really a concern as everyone is welcomed and planned for by the cruise ship. You will find a wide range of ages aboard the cruise from toddlers to grandparents. In fact, families with teenagers have said it’s the best holiday they’ve experienced. That being said if you don’t have children or are travelling without them, there are cruise ships that are exclusive to adults.


How long will you be going for- Depending on how long you are away for, you can be restricted to certain cruises. So for example if you are away for around a week then a cruise around the Caribbean, Bahamas and Mexico are probably your best bet. If you are planning on a 2 week or more getaway then you will be open to all seven continents. Another thing to consider is how much luggage you will bring, because obviously the longer you’re away, the more you will need to pack, cruise ships will let you do laundry as well, in case you need to re-use some clothes you’ve already worn.


When are you planning on travelling- Usually in the Spring or Autumn, cruises are generally cheaper which of course can be mainly accredited to the weather. Winter can be quite a costly time of travel due to locations like the Caribbean having nice weather, and families wanting to get away from the cold weather at home. Summer and Winter are generally the most expensive because children are off school for long periods of time, meaning this is when families will plan their cruises. You may want to be careful about not travelling during the rainy season as well, for tropical locations this is usually the winter however this doesn’t mean it will rain 24/7. But we’re sure if you’re from the colder parts of the world, you won’t mind a bit of rain from time to time!


What would you like to do- A great thing about cruises, is the sheer amount of activities available. You can either relax on the deck and enjoy the sun, or you can experience some more physical ventures such as scuba diving, hiking, biking zip lining and much more. When the ship stops off at a location, you may want to explore it in its full glory, this can include going on tours around the location, museums and generally seeing what it has to offer. Places around Europe in particular have so much history and culture, it would be a shame not to experience it, or if you’re in the Caribbean imagine scuba diving to see a shipwreck up close! Usually a lot of the activities will be decided before you step on board, so different cruises will be able to show you what will be on offer while you’re away.


Where should you cruise- This is probably one of the more difficult things to decide when planning a cruise, there are plenty that have so much to offer that it seems so hard to decide on just one. Each destination has its own special feel and atmosphere, so whichever one you choose they will all be quite diverse. You can reach pretty much anywhere by cruise ship, so you won’t be restricted in terms of choice, if you’re torn on where to go then maybe just note the other cruise for future reference and experience it another time! But make sure to pack accordingly on whichever one you choose.


These are just a few of the key things you should ask yourself when planning for a cruise, there is a lot more to consider but try not to worry too much and just have fun, after all isn’t that what holidays are for? If you liked this blog post, then why not check out some similar ones below and tell us what you think!