High-speed FREE wifi access in all hotel areas.  Business travellers need to stay connected whilst on the go.  When checked into their hotel it is not always a welcoming thought that the only place to check emails and catch up with the days correspondence is in the bar or lobby.  These people want access in their hotel room where they can unwind and work into the evening wearing their pyjamas if  they should wish to do so!

Fitness Facilities.  Business travelers will appreciate the opportunity to work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle while working on the road.  It is great to keep within a routine and also a productive way to lose time when travelling alone.

In -room work station.  Or just a desk. It is surprising how many hotel rooms lack a decent sized desk that you can actually fit your legs underneath and work comfortably. The ability to be able to work in a quiet environment of a hotel room is key to some travellers.

Business Services or Centre.  Having the ability to send a fax (unbelievably people do still send faxes) or be able to use a photocopier or printer sit quite high on the business traveller most wanted list.  Makes more sense than carrying such items on each trip.

Convenience.  For the busy, multitasking business traveller, convenient features are key; this includes things like easy check-in, complimentary airport shuttle, dry cleaning services, etc.

Coffee.  In the room or lobby.  Somewhere accessible.  These caffeine fuelled  travellers need energy and they need it close by, hot and strong.

Location.  As obvious as this sounds, proximity to the space where they are working or meeting is important to business travelers who are looking for convenience.

Loyalty programmes.  These work well for both the business and the traveller and are a great encouragement to use the same brand.  Business Travellers are also fans of the perks that this loyalty programmes offer.  Complimentary upgrades, lounge access, free newspapers and mini bar, are all great examples of this.


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