A corporate hotel programme is essentially a list of hotels that meet specific requirements of a company that have a need for overnight stays in the same hotel or brand of hotels on a regular basis. The hotels will offer discounted rates in exchange for an agreed amount of annual room nights. Travel Management Companies (TMC’s) like Gray Dawes will contact the hotels and advise them of your client spec and will negotiate you a discounted rate. 

Duty of care is another aspect to think about when selecting a hotel programme, this is usually at the front line of most policies when travelling for business.  Companies can set certain security parameters that any hotel in the programme will need to comply with to be eligible for the programme. This ensures all selected properties are of a suitable and safe standard. Additionally, having a preferred hotel programme in place helps speed up traveller tracking and the locating process of employees in any given location during an unfortunate emergency or crisis. 

 A TMC will help you incorporate a hotel programme into your policy.  At Gray Dawes our Account Management Team will look at your past travel patterns and feed this information over to our Supplier relations team. This is a great time to mention things like “Wi-Fi must be included in the room rate” or “If staying for more than 3 Nights, please upgrade to Superior Room Type”. 

By understanding in depth where you travel to, how frequently, how many nights and if there is any periodicity in your travel patterns our Supply team will start to look at the best options, brands and quality of accommodation and provide you with a full analysis of how they have reached their offering.   

 Now the difficult part – Implementing your corporate hotel programme. Once all the details have been signed off and finalised it is crucial that this is communicated as efficiently as possible.  Ensure all travel bookers and those responsible for booking accommodation (even those rogue bookers that like to do this themselves!) are aware of the importance of why this programme is in place, and we don’t just mean the savings!   

 A corporate negotiated hotel programme, when researched and implemented well, can be an indispensable scheme. Not only will this provide support compliance to travel policies that may already be in place, it will also be reflected in travel expenditure and have a positive impact on employee duty of care.