It’s safe to say that few people enjoy long-haul flights.

But here’s how to safely survive those hours trapped in an aluminium canister with your sanity intact!

Prep your entertainment Charge up all your devices.  Download movies or a series of your favourite show. Invest in a quality pair of headphones, oh and don’t plan on getting any work done on your laptop – there’s no such thing as elbow room! (we like that excuse too!)

Get comfortable  Change into a super comfortable outfit  before you board.  Layer up and carry socks!  Pack a scarf to use as a blanket. Not all airlines supply these in economy class!

Take an Aspirin Research says, A 75mg aspirin on the morning of your flight, with one per day for the following two or three days, can lower your risk of a DVT by one-third, because it thins the blood. However we strongly advise  if you have not taken aspirin before you should consult your GP beforehand!

How to actually get some sleep  Buy a neck pillow and cooling eye mask.  Providing the airline supplies you with a small pillow, use this on your lower back & your new purchase to cradle your head! The skin under your eyes is the most delicate, with a cooling eye mask will help keep your peepers hydrated!