There is a new set of strikes in France that could cause problems for flights to and from France. As well as people in French airspace for the rest of the day and into the early hours of Friday morning.

Airlines have announced that there will be cancellations and warned of delays to passengers, these airlines include British Airways, Easyjet and Ryanair.

The British Airways website warns that passengers due to fly in or out of France, travelling to Spain and other parts of Europe that there could be cancellations and delays. However BA are allowing their customers to change their flights to a later date subject to availability to help avoid the disruptions. To accommodate for passengers whose flights have been cancelled they will also be using bigger aircrafts.

Easyjet says they will operate at normal standard and advises that delays are likely and passengers should check the status of their flight before arriving at the airport.

Ryanair has had many cancellations because of the strikes and passengers will receive updated via email or mobile. If a customer’s flight has been cancelled they can apply for a refund or change their flight free of charge to avoid delays.

Public transport on the ground may also be affected with buses and tram services not operating around the country. SNCF says they are expecting to run a normal service but warns passengers to always check for cancellations and delays before setting off.