After our recent blog post giving a brief run through of what matters most to Business Travellers, it would appear there are a few more valid points to mention.


Hair-dryers that have more power than a light coastal breeze on a hot summers day, cold bottled water that is not displayed on the dresser with a high price tag and a nice simple to use coffee maker.  These are just to get us started.

A full length mirror.  Well-groomed hair may be visually acceptable but measuring the success rate of  your time consuming efforts put into pressing a shirt on a borrower sized ironing board may be a little harder to view.

Stand up desks.  Instead of the fixed low-level desks where your knees try to hulk through the surface, stand up desks would be better in some cases and being able to easily sync devices to the TV really make a difference to the hotel room experience.

The in-room menu.  Options should be 24 with hot and cold options.  This is getting better however the understanding does need to be reiterated. Travelling for business means your body clock is often out of sync, but if you’re hungry – you’re hungry. Sometimes a cheese ploughman’s doesn’t quite cut it.

The location of the plug sockets. Some hotels have this spot on.  Some hotels simply need to step it up and switch those locations.  Charging two devices close to the desk area is convenient. What is not convenient is charging your laptop on the desk and your phone from the shaving port in the bathroom via an adaptor.  Packing an extension lead is a handy tip, but shouldn’t really be on the essentials list.

Another point to raise – adaptor plugs should be more readily available.  Sometimes even Business Travellers forget such items.

Cheap Curtain material.  It’s nice to wake up to the rising sun, but sometimes (especially if you have a room located on the Las Vegas Strip for example) you want your room to be as dark as possible so you can sleep peacefully. Nothing disturbs a peaceful lie-in like cheap curtains (or worse yet, curtains that don’t close all the way).

Awkward Light Switches.  The bedside lamp is a classic.  Looks expensive and luxurious and it’s mood lighting illuminates the room just enough to lure you in to a false sense of sleep-readiness.

You then you spend 10 valuable sleep deprived minutes trying turn off the now brightly lit beacon.  Hitting the base in case it’s touch sensitive, getting out of bed and moving the furniture to try and work out if the never-ending cable will lead you to the electricity source.  Or my personal favourite, when you realise it’s a switch on the wall, but not before trying all of the above.