Working in the business world, you may find it necessary to work on the go. Some travellers will  find themselves more often in the air than on the ground. The biggest trick when you are away from the office, is finding a way to continue to do your job, but you must also learn to manage yourself.

Work offline. If it is possible, put your personal phone on airplane mode and disable its Wi-Fi until you have finished. This will prevent you from becoming distracted by texts, phone calls and the opportunity check in with your social media.

Create yourself an office space. It doesn’t matter if it is your hotel room or in the local coffee shop. finding a location where you feel there are minimal distractions are key. If you like to work in public areas then you need to be prepared for a small amount of distraction, consider a pair of the quality headphones. Noise reduction can help to greatly improve your concentration.

Learning to tell yourself “No.” You’re not on holiday even if you’re working in Ibiza with the booms of ministry of sound in the background. Saying no to the beach now, will allow you to manage your time, keeping to your deadlines with the added possibility of a few hours in the sun after all.

Set goals with rewards. You may not be able to spend all day on the beach, but once you accomplish project tasks you can give yourself a reward and block out some “you time.”

Speaking of “You time” A good rule of thumb when you are working away is to ask yourself, “what would I do at home?” Stick to normal routines, eat right and try to exercise. These simple guidelines will help you to be more efficient productive and focused.