Incentive trips have become extremely popular in today’s corporate world as a fun way to reward employees. However, it can sometimes be difficult to anticipate the amount of planning that comes with an incentive trip. The demands and tastes of corporate staff change, which can lead to travel plans evolving and adapting. As Incentive travel planners ourselves, we’re going to outline some of the key aspects you should consider to plan an effective incentive trip.

Plan far ahead

Incentive trips take a lot of organising, so it’s ideal to choose your destination around 12 months in advance. This is to make sure your trip can be planned and tailored around that specific destination, so once you choose a destination try to stick to it! Depending on the location chosen, planning can sometimes be done relatively quickly, however time should always be on your side especially if the event is a large one!

What are you looking to get out of the trip?

When planning an incentive trip, it’s important to set targets on what you want to get out of it. Whether it be an increase in sales, production or profits, make sure you have specific targets or goals you want to achieve. So, make sure your GDEvents incentive travel planners are aware of these targets as well.

Destination Trends

We always consider the trend in short-haul or long-haul journeys, if one is more popular than the other then it’s important to choose the right option. But of course, demographic has to be considered as well, and we would take into account what is best suited to you. By planning ahead effectively for wherever you’re going, then the trip can be a success no matter where you visit.

Go for something unique

Going for something that has never been done before is always special. By planning something that is unique, you will be sure to get the best possible response from your staff. If the effort is put in to reward employees in a special way, then this will be greatly appreciated.

These are just some of the key aspects to consider, to plan an effective Incentive Trip. If you’re stuck and need help with any of this, why not get in touch with our GDEvents team? They are specialist Incentive Travel planners and can always help with whatever you need throughout this process.