London Fashion Week has been in full swing since the 16th February and although it is heading towards the end of the catwalk, London Fashion Week Festival is getting ready to  trot it’s way over to The Strand and take over centre stage.

For many regular commuters it is a dreaded week of chaotic madness but for the fashion savvy trend setters, the capital based event is a major annual date etched in the diary  for vogue fanatics who love nothing more than dashing from show to show without a moment to sip a cappuccino or flick through the latest edition of Cosmo.

If you are planning on attending (or avoiding) London Fashion Week Festival, here are a few things to consider.

Accommodation is going to be expensive during this period. Booking a hotel further out of the city and travelling an extra 10 minutes on the tube could save you money and keep you within your company travel policy.  As soon as you know your plans, book your room, although now It is too late in the day to book in advance but you may be able to take advantage of late cancellation rates.  Our team will happily call ahead and check for you. We would however suggest if possible to commute rather than lodge, it may be more cost effective and keep the stress rates down.

London is well known for its edgy fashion, and homes some fantastic British designers, most of which will be fresh off the stage ready to sell their quirky designs at the festival over at The Strand.  The Festival is not quite so time-table structured as its predecessor London Fashion Week so will keep the area in a more general state of human traffic over organised chaos., Be prepared for busy tube stations, streets and traffic.  Busy events like these can often result in revised timetables and diversions which can often be overlooked. The best advice we can give is  be prepared.  If travel cannot be avoided, book in advance.  Check the timetables and widen your search radius if you need accommodation.


Gray Dawes Group services a respectable number of clients from fashion houses all over the world, meaning we understand our team needs to have a hands-on approach to this fast paced, unpredictable and globally travelled industry.

If you are looking to find out more on our service or would like to hear what our customers say, we are happy to provide references and recommendations.  Just pop your details here and we will have the information over to you.


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