September is a month filled with new beginnings, back to school, the start of Autumn, and of course, the start of a new season at Fashion Week. Whether you’re a veteran Fashion Week attendee, or this will be your first season at the shows, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for all the travelling it involves.

With New York Fashion Week kicking off in just two days’ time, followed by London, Milan and then Paris, ‘fashion week’ actually amasses the whole of September with each fashion capital hosting their own event. Which for fashion editors, can mean a very jam-packed four weeks filled with catwalk shows, after parties, showroom viewings and of course – a lot of travelling. Not just travelling overseas – depending on which shows you’ve been invited to, you could end up visiting all four fashion capitals – but also hurriedly travelling between show venues either by foot, taxi or chauffeur. There’s a lot of travelling involved, so we’ve put together a guide to help you be more prepared this September.

  1. Be Organised

If you’re already on your way to New York, this may be too little too late, but if you’re just heading to Paris and Milan later in the month, then there’s time to start prepping. Organisation is key to every aspect of travelling – deciding what to pack beforehand, planning where you’re going to stay and when, booking chauffeurs, and organising your itinerary. The only way to juggle it all is to plan as much in advance as possible!

  1. Be Prepared to be Flexible

The nature of fashion week is much like fashion itself, fast-paced and forever changing, therefore be prepared to be flexible with your schedule. You never quite know who’s going to announce a surprise show last-minute, or when an invitation might pop into your inbox unexpectedly, meaning you might have to quickly make changes to your accommodation or travel plans – if you’re working with a TMC, your travel manager will be able to help you with this.

  1. Walk When You Can

This may not seem like the advice you want to hear if all of your fashion week outfits revolve around towering high heels, but believe us it’s useful! Walking between shows, when you’re able to, can be the quickest way to get there. Not only will you feel reinvigorated after a bit of fresh air, but you’ll also avoid any of the dreaded fashion week traffic.

  1. Travel In Comfort

If ever there’s a time for comfort over style, fashion week is the time. We know that might sound contradictory, as fashion week is all about looking your best, but comfort when travelling is essential. Consider packing a pair of fold-up flat shoes to pop into your bag, and pack a scarf that can double up as a blanket if it gets chilly, or a cover from the rain if you get caught in a shower.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated throughout fashion week will keep you feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed for the whole month. Whether you’re flying long haul, walking miles through the city or rushing to hail down a taxi, travelling can seriously dehydrate you. So don’t forget to take a refillable water bottle with you!

  1. Keep A Contact List

Wherever fashion week takes you, be it New York, London, Paris, Milan or all four, make sure you have some helpful numbers saved in your phone to help you get about quickly – such as local taxi and chauffeur companies. If your employer works with a TMC such as ourselves, then make sure you have your travel managers number to hand in case you need to quickly change your travel itinerary, or need help booking transportation.

Have a happy fashion week! If you still need to book accommodation or travel in New York, London, Paris or Milan, then get in touch with our team here.