Travelling for business in the Summer months can be tough – you’ve already got to contend with soaring summer temperature and riding the London Underground with no air conditioning, and then the schools break up. Suddenly, the trains, planes and streets are full of Summer tourists and holidayers trying to make the most of the Summer holidays. This can add strain even for the most well-seasoned of business travellers. Thankfully, we have some tips to help you avoid the dreaded Summer travel rush.

Book In Advance

Be as organised as you can when it comes to booking your travel, as during peak seasons it can be tough to find accommodation in popular locations such as cities or beach destinations. As soon as you realise you need to travel during July or August, we’d recommend sourcing accommodation – whether you book this yourself or work with a TMC like ourselves.

Get Any Travel Documents ASAP

During the Summer months there’s also an increase in demand for travel documents; VISAs, ESTAs, new passports – you name it! So make sure you’re up-to-date on any travel documentation you might need well in advance of your business trip. When working with our business travel clients, we’re able to help them manage their documents and ensure everything is up to date in advance and even give our travellers reminders when their documents are due to run out.

Avoid Tourist Hot-Spots

Depending on where exactly you need to travel to for business, it can be tough to completely avoid the crowds, but where possible we’d recommend staying in accommodation which is outside of any major tourist hot-spots. Not only will this save you the hassle of having to fight through the crowds, but you’ll also save money on your booking.

Consider Alternatives

If you usually head straight into the centre of Paris for your business meetings, why not be strategic about it? Plan in advance and see if you can hold your meetings outside of the city centre – it could be an exciting chance to discover a new town or city!

Think Like A Local

During busy Summer months, city natives know how to best avoid the mad rush of tourists, so why not follow in their footsteps? Use other methods of transport instead of getting around the city by tube or tram – instead, why not walk, cycle or use an electric scooter? Locals will also know to avoid the main tourist spots, especially on weekends or bank holidays, so follow their lead!

We hope by following these tips, you’ll find travelling for business this Summer a breeze! If you’re considering working with a Travel Management Company, to help you keep on top of your business travel, why not get in touch today?