At Gray Dawes Group we are proud to partner with airlines and suppliers who do everything they can to help environmental wellbeing and protect the future of our planet. Over the years, fuel emissions and other factors have become an ever-growing problem, and a lot of airlines have committed to acting sustainably and responsibly.

Let’s take a look at exactly how our airlines suppliers are tackling sustainability, and how they’re contributing to a better tomorrow.

Virgin Atlantic

One of the biggest airlines who are dedicated to making change are Virgin Atlantic, who plan to reduce their aircraft CO2 emissions by an incredible 30% by 2021. They have been upgrading their fleet for several years – bringing new, more efficient aircrafts into service and retiring older less efficient ones.

Virgin are looking to the future of fuels too. In pursuit of a truly low carbon jet fuel solution, they’ve been working with cleantech company LanzaTech since 2011 to help with this.

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Air France KLM

Sustainability is at the heart of everything the Air France group do on a daily basis, in all of their operations, and in all their sectors of activity. Setting themselves three main lines of action for its environmental commitment:

Reduce and offset CO2 emissions. Reduce, recycle and reprocess waste and reduce the noise footprint of their operations.

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United Airlines

United Airlines always strive to minimise the environmental impacts associated with operations. They are continuously looking for ways to reduce their footprint in the air, on the ground and at their facilities.

This is through increasing fuel efficiency and reducing emissions through technology and process innovation. As well as improving the sustainability of their products and facilities. United have improved fuel efficiency by an astounding 45% since 1990, by investing in sustainable low-carbon aviation fuels.

United also offers a calculator which takes into account the carbon footprint of flying specific routes during certain seasons. To offset round-trip flights, you can donate to initiatives or projects around the area you’re flying.

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It’s exciting to see airlines working towards making a better tomorrow, and we are all eager to see how this evolves in the future, as well as influence more airlines to become environmentally conscious.

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