We don’t need to tell you that the business travel landscape is evolving all the time, with fast-emerging technologies and a fresh generation of travellers with higher expectations and distinct travel habits.

There’s little doubt that millennials, that vague generation of people who were born sometime between the late 80s and late 90s and who grew up as the first ‘digital natives’, are raising the bar when it comes to business travel.


Business travel is a wearisome necessity for many professionals who are supporting families and eager to further their careers. Fortunately, millennials are reinforcing the fact that business and pleasure can actually be mixed.

Increasing technology and staying at preferred hotels with updated technology means that millennials can stay in touch with co-workers, friends and family at the scan of a fingertip. More hotels and airlines are offering services focused on the traveller’s leisure time and according to research, 73% of millennials rate leisure time on business travel as important, more so than to boomers at 46% or gen Xers at 56%.  As the biggest generation in business, millennials are making waves in how a business trip is typically defined.