The idea of achieving a work/life balance is something we all aspire to, particularly in an age where due to technology, our work follows us home more closely than ever before. But what about when we’re having to travel for work? How can we make sure that we still maintain a sense of normality and keep striving for that elusive work life balance?

We’ve recently spoken about the growing trend for ‘bleisure’, and how millennials in particular are keen to squeeze a little more time into their business trips to make the most of travelling, but for some of us, we’d much rather rush home to see our family, or perhaps don’t want to use up our annual leave. So what else can we do to squeeze some ‘me time’ into a business trip, and ensure that work doesn’t creep too much over your usual 9-5?

Maintain a routine or schedule

Do you usually work out at 7am every day before work? Or maybe you’re a stickler for enjoying three healthy, home-cooked meals a day? Try and incorporate these routines into your business trip where possible. Not only will they give you a sense of home by sticking to a routine you’re familiar with, but they’ll also encourage you to look after your own well being, meaning you’ll perform even more productively once you’re in the office!

If you often find yourself having to travel to the exact same location, it can be a nice idea to stay in the same hotel each time – not only will you build up loyalty, and hopefully certain loyalty rewards that come with being a regular guest – but you’ll also build up a sense of a ‘second home’, making being away from home a little bit easier.

Keep In Touch

When you’re travelling for business, especially if you need to go abroad, it can be all too easy to fall out of contact with family and friends – but don’t let yourself fall out of the loop! Travelling for business can often be a lonely experience, so make sure you keep in touch with the people closest to you. Whether that’s arranging a set time to call home each day, FaceTiming your children before they go to bed, or making sure you keep up with your friends WhatsApp Group.

Enjoy some quality alone time

It’s not often in life that we get the opportunity to completely relax, unwind and enjoy time to yourself – without having to worry about anyone else! Whilst alone time isn’t for everyone, there are certainly ways to embrace and make the most of it. Why not bring your Kindle along and set aside some time for reading? Or treat yourself to a meal out without having to worry about considering where others might want to eat! Find out other ways to make travelling alone feel less lonely here.  

Turn it into a holiday

If you’ve got some extra days of holiday to use up, or you’re travelling for business to a location you’ve always been dying to visit – why not add on a few extra days? It’s the perfect way to ensure that you actually get to see the world outside of the meeting or conference rooms! You could even consider flying your partner or family up to be with you and enjoy the destination too.

We’d love to hear how you manage to maintain a life/work balance when travelling – do you think it’s possible? Let us know below in the comments.