Technology is rapidly changing the face of travel with new products, apps and technology being introduced almost on a daily basis. But how does this translate into your experience as a customer? We’ve taken a look at how hotels are utilising technology to improve your stay.

Speeding Up Check-in/Check-out

Checking in and out from your hotel room can sometimes be a laborious process, particularly for a business traveller when you may have meetings or appointments to rush off to. To ease the process, many hotels now offer online check-ins using mobile devices, to help you save time on your trip.

Use Your Phone As Your Key

Have an awful habit of losing your hotel room door key? We’ve all been there! Some hotels are introducing technology which enables you to use your mobile phone as your door key. Let yourself in your room simply by scanning your phone over the door lock.

Take Control Of Your Room

Sometimes it can take a while to get your hotel room how you like it, they can often be stuffy and too warm, and the lights can sometimes feel too bright and intrusive. Imagine being able to control all of this from your mobile phone? Well, Hilton Hotels are introducing just that! Find out more here.

Discover more ways technology has been incorporated into hotels in order to enhance your stay on our infographic below.

Is there something else you feel would make your hotel stay even more homely? What technology would you like to see readily available in hotel rooms?