Now we’ve established exactly what NDC means, and how it benefits the travel buyer, we wanted to explore the effect it’s had on the airline industry. How exactly has it benefitted airlines, and how can they best use NDC to their advantage?


Due to the nature of NDC, airlines are able to really dig deep into the data shared by the traveller or travel buyer, to help determine what it really is the customer is looking for. Once they understand, they’re then able to start personalising and tailoring the content each individual traveller sees, therefore making their content and user journey more appealing.


The NDC offers new opportunities for merchandising, which aren’t available anywhere else. This includes the opportunity for marketing ancillary services and branded fares. The opportunity for third-parties, such as travel agents, to be able to offer add-ons such as ancillaries could be a real game-changer for airlines in helping them increase sales of ancillaries.

Richer Content

Similarly, to the ability for personalisation, NDC allows for airlines to promote their products with far richer content including imagery, videos and product descriptions. With far richer content, airlines have the opportunity to emphasise their USPs and try to influence the traveller’s decision making.

These are just a few of the ways in which airlines are already starting to benefit from NDC, but as the capabilities evolve, we’re sure NDC will continue to improve the experience for both airlines and travel buyers. If you’d like to experience NDC for yourself, why not get in touch with our team today? You can find information on our online booking tool, which is NDC capable, here.