Gray Dawes Experiences DiamondAir First-Hand

Last week Gray Dawes were invited by one of our new partners, DiamondAir, to try out some of Heathrow’s most exclusive and luxurious private lounges. We got to experience first-hand their premium meet and assist services which are available at over 500 airports around the world and exemplifies the door to door total trip management that Gray Dawes offer our clients.

Attendees on the day included myself, Luke Polley (Marketing Manager), Julie Hamstead-Wallis (Operations Manager), Rachel Durdevic (Supply Manager), Nicola Mckenzie (Reservations Superisor) and Melissa Jolly (Account Manager).

Gray Dawes has been striving to deliver a service which goes above and beyond at every step of the travel journey and putting the traveller at the heart of what we do which is why we have partnered up with DiamondAir to achieve this.

In true Gray Dawes style, we like to experience the services we offer our clients to ensure that you get the best service possible and we are pleased to say that the DiamondAir experience surpassed all our expectations. From the moment we arrived at the airport to the moment we were airside and boarding a plane we felt like we were given that VIP service which many of our travellers seek.

So What Services Do DiamondAir offer?

  • Departures – assistance from DiamondAir from the moment you leave your home to the moment you board the plane
  • Arrivals – assistance from DiamondAir from the moment you touch down until you are back at your front door
  • Executive Car Transfer – DiamondAir provide transfers from your home to the airport and back again, they even drop your off at the plane if you use the VIP lounge at Heathrow
  • Baggage Porters and Electric Buggies – DiamondAir look after your baggage the whole time you are with them
  • Transit Services – DiamondAir provide this service for those looking to travel in larger groups
  • Airport Lounges – DiamondAir can assist with booking your private lounge, dropping you off and collecting you when you are ready to board or your plane or on arrival
  • Vat Reclaim Assistance – DiamondAir offers a service which assists those who require help claiming back large VAT bills

No matter what service you choose from the above, or even if you choose them all, you will be accompanied by at least one member of the DiamondAir team to make sure you are guided and assisted every step of the way.

Our Experience of DiamondAir

The day consisted of visiting the top private lounges and their dedicated private entrances around Heathrow terminal 3 and 5, all while assisted by DiamondAir, this combined to give the overall feeling of a calming and personalised travel experience which was withdrawn from normal airport life.

Heathrow VIP

Described as ‘the ultimate experience’ the Heathrow VIP service promises you an exclusive transition through Heathrow Airport ensuring your experience is seamless and memorable. Their service starts with being picked up in a chauffeur driven luxury car and driven to Heathrow via a dedicated airport entrance, once there you will relax, work or spend time with your invited guests in your private lounge.

There are 8 lounges to choose from ranging in size and design with each being as luxurious as the next, all with a range of entertainment, food and drink on offer. Security procedures occur within the suites, and once your flight is ready you will be driven by private luxury vehicle directly to the aircraft.

This experience really is the epitome of luxury and discreetness with no guests allowed to see each other while at Heathrow VIP it really does feel like you own personal terminal.

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Wing

The Virgin Upper Class Wing welcomes passengers who fly Virgin Atlantic Upper Class or Delta One from London Heathrow Terminal 3, with a private entrance and meet and greet service it has a real feeling of VIP treatment.

The Upper Class Wing benefits from private baggage processing, security channels and a Clubhouse which are all totally queue-free. You can access the Wing via your own private car, taxi or take advantage of Virgin’s complimentary chauffeur car service.

This felt like a very exclusive area to be in and was easy to see why passengers would opt to slip through the airport in this upper class way. DiamondAir are able to assist you meet you on arrival and walk you throughout the check in process and then will meet you airside to take you to your plane.

British Airways First Class Wing

Unfortunately, due to the exclusivity of the first class wing we were unable to try out the First lounge and Concorde rooms ourselves but we did visit the private check in area which is tucked away from the other check in areas which had a real feeling of calm and serenity. DiamondAir are able to assist you throughout the check in process and then will meet you airside to take you to your plane.

Try It Yourself

Having experienced the service which DiamondAir and the lounge staff provide it is clear to see that this service is head and shoulders above anything you can experience elsewhere. If you are interested in taking your travel up a notch and want to try this service, speak with your business travel consultant when booking your next trip!