The ongoing debate about in-flight Wi-Fi continues, and for many leisure travellers it couldn’t be better.

The sheer ability to stay connected with the world at your worn out finger pads whilst cruising thousands of feet is quite the novelty!

Alot of people see flying as down time, an opportunity to relax away from work and the daily strives, giving travellers the option and ability to connect to Wi-Fi is almost a way of guilt tripping you into working.

Having an internet connection on your travels is of course useful, however the more cynical traveller would be excused for assuming the connection quality would be a cold reminder of the dial up days. Certain airlines have said it’s actually, in some cases producing a higher connectivity rate than down on the ground. So if it crossed your mind to tell the work force that you couldn’t stay connected, I wouldn’t suggest reading them this article!

Giving us the ability to connect to our tech heavy daily existence is impressive. There is no question about it.

If twenty years ago you heard the future of Internet connectivity on board an aircraft was even on the cards – how would you have reacted?

Business Travel is disruptive at the best of times, generally resulting in lack of sleep, long hours and general fatigue from the hustle and bustle of travelling itself. Maybe stepping back in time for a few hours and swiping yourself into “airplane mode” is probably a good thing from time to time.