Compiling Request for Proposal around the subject of Business Travel can be a daunting one, it’s often the second largest expenditure behind staff payroll and everyone is always keen to provide an opinion. It’s a balancing act to get the right measures in place to ensure you have the right provider for your business needs.

An effective travel programme is an essential requirement for any business, below we have gathered 5 key tips for a successful Business Travel RFP.

Consult with the whole business.

Travel is emotive and everyone has an opinion on what they would like from their provider, quite rightly as it effects everyone and all departments, but what is key is understanding what the individuals want (good to have) and need (absolute fundamentals) from a provider, what finance require will be different to HR, and HR will be different to the PA’s of the board. It is therefore vital to engage with your staff to find out about their current experience of the provider, what pains they have, how they would like the process to improve, but equally what the provider is doing right.  This will not only make staff feel involved but also give you the bigger picture of what you need and want and will ultimately help with buy in of a potential new supplier.

Make your tender specific to your company.

You want to find the right supplier for the job, ask the right questions. We have seen many travel tenders published that don’t determine the company’s exact specifications. Use the feedback that you have gathered pre-tender to construct appropriate questions.

Make your key requirements black and white.

Whatever your key requirements are, ensure they are specified early on, do an RFI or pre-tender questionnaire to rule out those suppliers that are unable to deliver on your key requirements. You don’t want to find out once you have got so far down the line that they can’t deliver in one key area.

Don’t just make it a cost saving exercise.

Employing a Travel Management Company is there to add value, through knowledgeable experts, technology that supports travellers door to door, complying with duty of care and knowing where your people are at any given time, assist with cost savings through strategic account management. A good TMC is more than just a travel booking service finding cheap flights, they provide a full strategic account management service with demonstrable added value.

Don’t hide information.

You want to find a supplier that best fits the needs of your business, but if you don’t provide information you are likely to receive wrong response. We see so many tenders published that don’t feature travel data, if we don’t know this, we can’t fully understand your business needs and thus where we can deliver value to your travel programme. Start the business partnership as you mean to go on, provide all the information you know and be transparent, that way you will receive relevant tender responses reflecting your exact needs.


Gray Dawes Group can offer with our impressive range of Corporate Travel services and creative cost reduction initiatives both on a day to day booking basis and also through long term strategic planning and development.  To find out more about how our services can help you, contact us online


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