After joining forces with your chosen TMC, you’ve discussed the requirements of your travel policy, agreed corporate rates and routes deals and worked out how to get the best from the services offered to you.  The next step is to educate the business on how to make effective cost savings.  When partnering with Gray Dawes Group our account management and training teams are on hand to help you with tips and tutorials, assisting you with ideas on how to cut costs.

Choosing online over offline

We all know that booking online is more cost effective in the reflection of booking fees, but turning this into a reality can be challenging as your business travellers or bookers simply may not realise the cost implications of booking offline.

It pays off to be as open as a book when it comes to cost charged to the company. By educating your staff who book travel to the benefits of booking online,  this will ensure that your business travellers are more inclined to want to book online.

Avoiding peak times

We understand that some peak travel is necessary, but is the amount of peak time travel booked always essential? Not all meetings and appointments can be changed but by pushing the appointment back by an hour may surprise you with how the cost can be reduced.  In regards to rail it may also be worth looking into fixed outbound tickets to lower costs.  Even if you are unsure of your return time, knowing what time you have to be at your destination could make quite a hefty saving.

Keeping it together

Business travellers may not be aware that choosing to book outside of their TMC removes the ability to trace travellers in situations such as terror attacks, natural disasters and other time of crisis. Booking through your TMC will also achieve better rates on negotiated hotel rates or airline route deals by consolidating spend.