Waiting time- Sitting around for a flight can be a painful process, especially when your plane is delayed. So while you’re waiting it could be a good time to get some more work done, and if that’s not an option then why not explore the airport a bit and see what it has to offer. Time goes by much faster when you have something to do!


Language barriers- When business travellers go to a different country or region, communication can be a very frustrating issue. It’s important that their employer sends them information on the countries culture and a few simple words such as “please” and “thank you”. In addition to this, Google translate can aid massively in communication, or by using an app such as Duolingo, this is a quick way to practice before the traveller departs. Overall it can help a great deal and makes the travellers time much easier and less irritating as a result.


Checking in- Its known that checking in can be a real drag, so instead of waiting in line for a long time why don’t you check in before you get to the airport? Most airlines offer an online check in so you can now do it on your laptop or phone. This will save time at the airport and make the traveller more relaxed before they leave. Plus you can download your electronic boarding pass or print it and make any seat or cabin changes before your flight.


Comfort on trips- Many travellers when they go away demand comfort during the trip, if this can be achieved then it will have a great impact on duty of care and staff retention. It doesn’t have to be first class either, there is the option of booking premium economy or simply booking a seat in the first row with more leg room. Airline mileage schemes can be used as well to offer perks and additional benefits to travellers.


Being away from family and friends- This can be a big issue for travellers, and can cause a lot of negative effects on their motivation and well-being. Its not something that the company can do much about but making sure that the traveller has a good internet connection where they are staying is important, as keeping touch can help quite a lot. For longer trips especially this can be a big issue, so being able to stay in touch with friends and family will make the overall trip much more enjoyable.