Plan ahead– This is quite an obvious suggestion, but planning makes all the difference when you’re going on a trip, the most organised business travellers plan before they leave and not just for the journey to the destination but all of the work that needs to be done once you reach it. You can do a lot of things to help with this like for example get an app that helps you keep organised and track what has been done and what still needs completing.


Communication– This is a very key aspect in how productive you can be, if you are able to communicate with your team by laying out an agenda or plan then this will help the tasks at hand become more clear and transparent. You can do this by email, phone call or maybe even Skype for face to face contact.


Accommodations– It is important to find the right accommodation that has all the services your work requires. So, talk to your travel advisor and make sure the place you are booking is the right one. The place you are looking for should probably have a place where you can hold meetings and have a high-speed internet. Also, the room you sleep in should probably have its own desk where you can properly plan and set up a work station.


Rest– This is especially important if you are travelling to different time zones but getting the required rest is always crucial. You can combat jet lag by booking overnight transportation so you can sleep through the journey. By the time you arrive at the destination it would be day time and you should be refreshed and ready to go. This is a very simple tip but some people forget how important the basics are, like eating, staying hydrated and sleeping!