Introducing a furry friend to your office, not only adds a bit of cuteness to your day, but believe it or not,  could actually boost the productivity and morale of your workforce.


Having recently welcomed our very own Gray Dawes Group Dog, Rupert the Cavapoo  it is safe to say he has made quite an impression!

Here are some reasons why introducing a four legged friend to the office is an idea to be considered.

Team bonding

An office dog can be an incredibly powerful bonding tool. It is quite common for people in an office environment to keep themselves to themselves; but how would this change if suddenly a pet was introduced? It’s fair to say having 12 week old Rupert bounding around the office has definitely gathered a crowd, meaning employees from different departments around the office are spending time with each other in the process!

Rupert is fast becoming a shared interest among our work force, creating a new point of conversation, even if it was initially his new found love for internet cables!  I’m glad to say this was a short lived love affair.

Reduce stress levels

It is hard not to feel at ease when looking into the eyes of a dog.  Rupert is an instant smile raiser and appears to relieve some of the day to day work stress just by being within his company.  This has also been known to work in residential and care homes which can only mean good things.

Maybe these furry creatures have influential powers…or maybe they’re just too cute not to smile!

Encourages a healthier lifestyle

Rupert, like all other dogs requires walking from time to time.  In the GDG office we encourage staff to take 15 minutes away from their work stations and take our four legged friend for a stroll in the nearby Castle Park.  Fifteen minutes away from your workload, combined with a brief exercise stint and fresh air improves well-being and again promotes higher productivity rates.

Speaking of productivity

Research has found that giving yourself a bit of a breather allows you to give your mind a bit of a respite   and return to your work feeling refreshed and engaged. From personal experience of walking Rupert, or should I say Rupert was walking me, I can confirm I did not feel quite so refreshed as this blog may wish you to believe!

I can  however confirm this was short lived and  soon resolved by a few sips of water!


Before you all go rushing off to the local rescue centre be sure to consider a few things

  • Make sure that pets are allowed within your office
  • Be aware that not everyone are dog lovers (I know, but some people genuinely don’t like them!)
  • Make sure there are no escape routes, Rupert very nearly found himself ordering an espresso last week!